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Heating Upgrades & Energy Savings For FREE!

FREE Air Source Heat Pump

FREE Storage Heaters

FREE Cavity/Loft/Internal Wall Insulation

FREE Solar Panels

Need more information? Don't just take our word for it, learn more about the ECO4 and LAFLEX Government Grants directly from the Governments own website, OFGEM and the Money Savings Expert on their links below:

Are You Eligible
For One Of The Below
Fully Funded Government Grants?

Take our 30 second eligibility checker and find out!

Sunset on Solar Panels

All our grants are backed by the Government.

At Energy Savigs Caledonia, all of our grants are fully funded and backed by the Government. As the Government moves forward towards their net zero goals and tackling fuel poverty, these grants are 100% free, saving you potentially hundreds on your utility bills and keeping you warmer, for less.

With rising costs everywhere, let us help you reduce your bills and give you that little extra in your pocket each week to treat yourself or loved ones.

The Grants which include ECO4 and LA FLEX are funded by the major UK Energy Firms.

'Most energy suppliers in the UK are part of what's known as the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme, meaning they're required to help improve households' energy efficiency through boiler grants and insulation measures, such as for cavity walls and lofts.'


3 Simple Steps

We make the process easy!

Take a few moments to answer some questions about your home.
If you are eligible, our team will respond within 48hrs via email.
Our friendly team will then call you to discuss everything further and set an appointment date.

So what is ECO4
& what products can I get?

ECO4 is the 4th and latest incarnation of The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) which has been running since 2013 and is an official UK government-backed scheme where qualifying homeowners & private tenants on certain means-tested benefits could have their inefficient heating systems replaced completely free of charge.

Unlike previous versions of the scheme, the ECO 4 grant is to be targeted to ensure the least energy-efficient homes are brought up to a minimum efficiency standard.

From January 2023, the scheme is focussed on upgrading properties with EPC ratings of E-G and improving these to a minimum rating of D as outlined in the ECO4 mission statement.

The great news is that for properties that meet certain criteria, the grants available are much improved and we have overseen projects where individual homes have qualified for total upgrades of £30,000+ with savings of up to 70% on annual energy bills!


Solar Panels

Available when you select one of the main 3 heating upgrade options 

With FREE Solar panels installed via ECO4, you can generate your own electricity & save hundreds of pounds on your energy bills! 

Heat Pump.jpg

Air Source Heat Pumps

Main Heating Upgrade Option

Air source heat pumps can help you heat your home more efficiently by extracting air from outside and transferring it to heat water or radiators In your property. In addition to saving substantial money on energy bills, it can be used to generate renewable heat while reducing your carbon footprint.

Insulation Installation


For a truly energy-efficient home and to meet the ECO4 Government targets of meeting minimum property EPC ratings, you need to make sure the heat you generate in your home, STAYS in your home! Depending on your property, you could benefit from one of the below which could save you 40% on your future energy bills

LoftCavity WallUnderfloor Internal WallExternal Wall

Available when you select one of the main 3 heating upgrade options 


Storage Heaters

Quantum is the world’s most advanced electric space heater. It uses low cost, off-peak energy, making it the most economical heating system on the market today. With capabilities to adapt to your usage, lifestyle and climate conditions, the Quantum will deliver heat only when it is required ensuring no energy or money is wasted

Main Heating Upgrade Option

Homeowners & private tenants living in non-efficient homes (EPC RATINGS E- G)
and in receipt of certain income-based benefits may qualify for 100% funding for the following:

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