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Storage Heater Upgrade

A FREE Storage Heater Upgrade Could Be The Solution To Saving Energy And Money As It Will Make Sure The Heating In Your Home Is As Efficient As Possible



Under ECO4, qualifying homeowners in receipt of certain income-based benefits, who have existing storage heaters, could have them replaced with a new Quantum Dimplex Storage Heaters free of charge!

The level of control that Quantum provides gives both adaptability and affordability, ensuring no heat is wasted, and that the majority of the heat that is used is from Off-peak energy.


By upgrading a manual charge storage heater with a high heat retention alternative such as Quantum, you would reduce the annual running cost by up to £418, a total of £8360 over the typical 20-year lifespan of the heaters – in most cases, lifting the household out of fuel poverty.

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