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Solar Panels

A FREE Solar Panel Installation Can Be A Great Solution To Help Save Energy And Money As It Will Reduce Your Energy Usage From The Grid And Save You Hundreds Of Pounds Each Year!

Solar Panels Technician

With energy prices on the rise it’s becoming more important than ever to switch to alternate, cheaper and greener sources of energy. Forget all the confusion and stress that comes from endless visits to comparison sites and the hassle of changing providers, or the worry that you’re on an out-of-date or standard tariff that can see you paying a premium rate for your energy.

Under ECO4, we can offer solar panels alongside an efficient electric heating system in the form of an Air source heat pump. Solar PV will then provide power to both generate supply whilst offering a significant reduction in energy consumption.

If you are a homeowner or private tenant in receipt of an income-based benefit and your property is considered non efficient (EPC RATING E-G) then you may qualify!
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